'Bird in a Nandina Tree'

This classic Japanese woodblock miniature print depicts a bird in a berry bush, or specifically, a Nandina Tree also known as 'heavenly bamboo', which is a semi-evergreen broadleaf shrub, which produces red berries that last from fall to spring.  The Nandina branch covers the print, and the winged bird gently holds his place in search of a berry.  The colors are particularly nice shading in charcoal and brightened by the red berries and green leaves.  This print measures 6" x 4", and it is handsomely framed in a vintage bamboo frame, accented with a red bead trim measuring 7" x 5".   It likely dates to c1930.     P5321  $85.00

$OLD! Unread Artist 'Bird in a Nandina Tree'