(After Kawase Hasui's 'Heian Shrine at Cherry Blossom Time')

This lovely ornate silk weave of Kyoto's 'Heian-jingu Shrine' is likely modeled after Kawase Hasui's woodblock print of 'Heian Shrine at Cherry Blossom Time'.  The weaver chose rich and elegant threads to weave this silk woven image.  The colors are supple, and presented with an elegance appropriate to the Heian Shrine.  This weave is framed with thin complementary borders of silk, truly a work of art.  It measures 11.5" x 10", and it is handsomely framed in a nice gold tone wood frame measuring 11.5" x 13".  It is in fine condition, with normal wear to the frame.   P7841     $145.00

Unknown Artist (After Kawase Hasui's 'Heian Shrine at Cherry Blossom Time')


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