'Spring Snow at Maruyama in Kyoto'

This stunning woodblock print depicts a strikingly beautiful snow scene, considered one of Koitsu's best snow prints.  It depicts female travelers in a heavy spring snow at Maruyama Park, which is nestled at the base of the Higashiyama Mountain.  The willow tree branches hang heavy with crystallized snow and ice providing a perfect canopy for this scene.  This print was first introduced in 1936. This edition dates to c1960 and bears Koitsu's and the Doi Publisher seals. The side margins are trimmed, but the carver's marks can be read. This print is in good condition, with generalized, even toning and a couple of small foxing spots. It is beautifully matted and framed in a vintage 1930s goldtone wood frame that measures 20" x 14", and the sight size is 15.75" x 10.25". It has been matted and lined for protection in an acid-free environment for preservation and safety.  There is an old no harm wood splinter in the veneer on the upper left side of the frame, which does not show from the front side of the frame. The frame is about 90 years old, but it continues to serve this print very nicely, exhibiting just minimal wear.                      P50522           $695.00

Tsuchiya Koitsu (1870-1949) 'Spring Snow at Maruyama in Kyoto'


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