'Heirinji Temple Bell'

This print depicts a classic scene with a bell-ringer sounding the bells at Heirinji Temple.  There are pine trees in the distance, and cascading cherry blossoms in the foreground, a beautiful image.  This woodblock print was produced in 1951, it is titled, dated and signed in the margins. It measures 15.5" high by 10" across", and the frame measures 20" x 15", a nice wood brown and gold tone frame.  Toshi was born in Tokyo to a family of artists. His father, Hiroshi Yoshida, educated him in art and fostered his interest in landscapes and animals. Despite the influence of Hiroshi, Toshi's style is distinct in its daring color schemes and composition. The subject matter of Toshi’s work was largely draws upon his travels, which went as far as Antarctica.    P41125  $495

Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995) 'Heirinji Temple Bell'


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