'Elephants' from the Series 'Asian Collection'

This woodblock print was inspired by Toshi Yoshida's travels.  He traveled the world, and sketched  numerous images of the animal life in India, China, Africa, and beyond.  This wonderfully large print depicts a herd of elephants, with a pair of rhinos and a ram.  It is sealed with Toshi's Kanji cipher, along with his name and the print's title in English.  The print sight size is 18.5" x 14", and the frame measures 22" x 16".  This print dates to 1973, a numbered first edition, in the lifetime of the artist.. The shadows on the print are from camera glare.  The colors and shading are quite uniform.  P30826 

Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995) 'Elephants' from the Series 'Asian Collection'