Tokuriki Tomikichiro (1902-1999), 'Spring Colors at Gion' from the Series: 15 Views of Kyoto, Yasaka Shrine. This original Japanese woodblock print depicts the 'Yasaka Shrine', during the springtime season. It is colored in red, with wonderful use of shaded greens, with blue hues, and has great color saturation. This print measures 11" high by 10" across, almost square. This print is an original in the lifetime of Tomikichiro, and it was produced c1950. The print bears Tomikichiro's cipher, along with the print's title name, and the publisher's seal. It is in fine condition with a small nip out of the left margin, and some matting marks/burn, which can be seen in the photos. P2217

Tokuriki Tomikichiro (1902-1999) 'Spring Colors at Gion'