'Plum Blossoms at the Kitano Shrine'

This handsomely matted and framed woodblock print depicts Plum blossoms in bloom at the Kitano Shrine from Tokuriki's 'Kyoto' series of images.  The main entrance is flanked by two bronze cows, one can be seen in Tokuriki's image. Legend has it that if you rub them, you will have academic success. Not surprisingly, their heads and backs have been rubbed until they're shiny and golden.  This is one of twelve images in the Kyoto series.  As with many of his prints, there is a very strong mid-century 'feel' to Tokuriki's prints.  This image dates to c1950.  It is well sealed with Tokuriki's cipher and seal. This print measures 11" high by 10" across", matted in a soft green mat, and the frame measures 17" x 16", in a nice charcoaled silver wood frame.     P8721      $95.00

Tokuriki, Tomikichiro (1902-1999) 'Plum Blossoms at the Kitano Shrine'