'Bonfire Festival' and 'Fushimi Festival'

This handsomely framed set of small format woodblock prints depicts the Bonfire festival of the Daimonji Hill viewed from the Sanjo Bridge in the upper pane, and the annual festival of the Fushimi Inari in the lower pane.  Both images are from Tokuriki's 'Kyoto' series of images.  As with many of his prints, there is a very strong mid-century 'feel' to Tokuriki's prints.  These images date to c1950.  Both prints are well sealed with Tokuriki's cipher and seal.  The prints measure 4.5" x 6", and the frame, which houses both prints measures 14" x 11". They are matted in a white mat, with a silver/gray double mat, under a glass frame. They are in excellent condition, and are framed and matted in a rather contemporary modern style, rather edgy, and overall quite handsome.  P8219    $75.00

Tokuriki, Tomikichiro (1902-1999) 'Bonfire Festival'/'Fushimi Festival'