After MuQi Fachang (1210-1269) from the Song Dynasty (960-1279)

These ink and brush prints depict MuQi's famous Gibbon series of 'Mother & Child', part of MuQi's most important works. MuQi was a Buddhist Monk whose original works have inspired many painters to work in his style.  This painting looks very much like MuQi's original.  One depicts a mother gibbon clinging to her child while hanging from a tree branch, the other a mother holding her child in a touching embrace, seated in a tree.  Tohaku is said to have been the best painter to work in MuQi's style.  These are original ink and brush prints, which are old, but we cannot assign a date to them.  They come from a Massachusetts collection, and are housed in their early (worn) vintage frames, which have a tiger maple veneer.  The sight size is about 12.5" x 7.5", and the frame measures 18" x 11.75".  The prints are old, with just minimal spots of foxing. The paper has gradations of color, but appears quite supple.  This set makes a great 'old world' style presentation.      PS0019/20/861/2      $195.00

Tohaku, Hasegawa 1539-1610 'GIBBONS' After MuQi Fachang (1210-1269)