'Bamboo & Sailboat'

This first edition woodblock print depicts a grove of bamboo trees with a sailboat in the distance.  The artist Imoto Tekiho was born in Oito in 1909.  He studied nanga-style landscape painting under the master Domoto Insho in Kyoto.  Not much else is known about Tekiho except that he published sumi-e charcoal-style woodblocks with Doi Publishing Co. in the 1930s.  A Doi catalog reflects this title.  This print bears Tekiho's seal, as well as the seals of the carver Yokoi and the printer Harada. Later reprint editions do not bear the seals of the carver and printer.  Tekiho's body of work is respectable, and his work is pretty scarce.  This first edition woodblock print dates to the early 1930s.  It is a large oban size print, with a sight size of 16.25" x 10.75", and the frame measures 23" x 16".  It is handsomely matted with a birch veneer, in its original frame. 

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Tekiho, Imoto (1909-?) 'Bamboo & Sailboat'

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