'Night Scene of Mabashi, near Tokyo' or 'Country by Night'

This beautiful aizuri-e (blue) woodblock print by Shotei depicts a woman and young child walking in the countryside by night. The child carries a lantern to light their way. They are observing a lantern-lit temple or home across the water in the distance. This is an 'aizuri-e' or blue woodblock, dominated in blue tones, and a popular color theme for night prints in the 1920s-30s. This print bears Shotei's artist seal and signature in the upper left quadrant. It is Shotei catalog number C-9, which references its size 'chuban', number 9. It dates to on or before 1936. The print sight size measures 9.75" x 7" plus original uncut narrow margins under the mat, and the wood frame measures 14" x 11".   It is attached on the top corners with rice paste to its original mat with its title and Shotei's name noted on the lower mat sheet. It is in excellent condition, with superb color.

P90013                           $395.00

Takahashi Shôtei (1871-1945) 'Night Scene of Mabashi, near Tokyo'


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