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'Homeward Bound Boats, Blue & Golden Sky'

This woodblock print depicts a lovely twilight scene with boats on the water, under a vivid blue and golden sky, simple beautiful. The details are exquisite, with ferrymen on the boats, which have full sails, and a long strip of shoreland dotted with lantern-lit houses along the shore. Shotei was generous with color and this print exhibits his use of color beautifully. According to the website, this print was published by Watanabe Shozaburo in 1936, and is listed the the Watanabe catalog from the 1930s. It is sealed by Shotei in the lower left of the print. The print, matted in ivory, has a sight size of 3.75" x 5.75", and the simple wood frame measures 9.5" x 12.25".  It is in superb original condition.  P8055                  $295.00

Takahashi Shôtei (1871-1945) 'Homeward Bound Boats, Blue & Golden Sky'

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