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'Stone Garden' d1963

This modern and creative woodblock print was produced in 1963. Yoshida titled it 'Stone Garden'. It depicts a shrine dedicated to Zen Buddhism, specifically, Ryoanji Temple. The temple and its gardens are listed as one of the historic monuments of ancient Kyoto. In the late 1990s, the garden attracted over a million visitors annually. This print presents as a very modern mid-century work of art like many of the various rock gardens painted by Toshi. The rock garden reveals the distinctive patterns that exist in the garden, and its rock formations. The colors are beautiful. This print is from a limited edition, likely 200, as with most of Toshi's mid-century work. It's title and Toshi's signature in English, 'Toshi Yoshida', are noted in the lower margin, with Kanji titles and date in the left margin. The death of Tōshi's father Hiroshi in 1950 marked his total break from his past and from naturalism. In 1952, Yoshida began a series of abstract woodcuts, influenced by his younger brother, Hodaka Yoshida. In 1953, Tōshi traveled to the United States, Mexico, London, and the Near East. He made presentations in thirty museums and galleries in eighteen states. From 1954 to 1973, Yoshida made three hundred nonobjective prints. This woodblock is in acid-free environs. The print sight size with full margins is 13.5" x 9.5". It is double matted in complementary pale blue-gray and brown mats, and the frame measures 18.5" x 14.5".  This woodblock print is in fine original condition.                      P70525              $595.00

Tōshi Yoshida (1911-1995) 'Stone Garden' d1963

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