The Night Scene Series: 'Ohashi Bridge at Atako' #1253

It depicts a beautiful silhouetted night scene on Ohashi Bridge, which is beautifully lantern-lit by the vendor and travelers on the bridge going to and fro.  In the distance, there is a lone boat on the water, and a village far off, also lantern-lit.  This is a stunning print!  It was published by Hasegawa-Nishinomiya, c1930's.  It is a middle period edition on thin paper, with its artist and publisher seals.  The publisher marks lie low in the left margin, which indicates that this is a middle period version for this print.  There is a great description of the publication dates for the Hasegawa 'Night Series' of prints at  It is on its original mat, attached on the four corners, but the verso of the print can be seen to be marked 'Made in Japan'.  The print measures 10.5" x 7.5", including its margins.  The mat measures 12" by 9".  It is in original condition with superb color.  There are two small rub marks in the lower right of the print, which can be seen in the full frontal image of the print as white marks in the water.  They are not white, more a rub, this reflects as shiny in the photo.  It is likely from surface contact, there are no breaks or tears in the paper.  The Night Scenes series of twenty-one chuban prints illustrates evening views evocative of traditional Japan in a limited palette of sepia or blue originally issued in the 1910s, although Nishinomiya seems to have continued to produce the simple nocturnes in the same format into the 1920s-30s.  The collaborative series included the work of Shoda, Koho (1871-1946), Arai, Yoshimune (1873-1945), Kobayashi, Kiyochika (1847-1915), Gyosui, Suzuki (1898-?) and Eijiro, Kobayashi (1870-1946) and Yoshimoto, Gesso (1881-1936). A 1920s catalogue issued by Hasegawa-Nishinomiya illustrates each of the twenty-one designs with titles. P7043  $275.00

$OLD! Shoda, Koho (1871-1946) The Night Series: 'Ohashi Bridge at Atako' #1253