'Yanagi Willow on the Bank of the Misogi River at Nanao' from the series Eight New Views of Nanao, Noto, New Series

This woodblock print depicts a large Willow tree, the Yanagi, along the river bank of the Misogi River.  Towns people go about their daily activities in a rather sleepy setting.  The colors are superb, with rich greens dominating the print.  It bears Okuyama's cipher and seal in the lower right, and its title and date in the upper left quadrant.  This print series was produced in 1943.  It measures 8" x 13", matted in a deep green, and framed in a mat black wood frame measuring 15" x 20".  It is in fine condition.  Okuyama worked in commercial advertising and he made woodblock prints at the same time, focusing on sosaku hanga and shin hanga styles, like this one.  P3664     $195.00

Okuyama, Gihachiro (1907-1981) 'Yanagi Willow on the Bank of the Misogi River'

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