This very sweet woodblock print depicts two puppies playing in a box.  It is an original lifetime woodblock print, c1910.  Kosan/Shosan was the student of Suzuki Koson. He painted flora and fauna during the period between 1895-1902, becoming recognized as a nihonga painter of the kacho-ga  (nature print) genre. During the Russo-Japanese war he produced a few senso-e' (war prints). The majority of his early prints (1900-1912) were designed for the foreign market and published by Kokkeido or Daikokuya. All of the prints from this period were signed "Koson." Between 1912-1926 he again devoted himself to painting. Using the name 'Shoson', he returned to the woodblock medium during the 1920s, working primarily with the shin hanga publisher Watanabe. Koson did produce some prints under the name "Hoson" which were published by Kawaguchi and Sakai between 1930-1931.  It is well sealed and measures 9.5" square and is framed in a 13" black frame.  This print is in very good clean cond