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'Peacock and Peahen in Flowering Cherry Blossom Tree'

This stunningly beautiful woodblock print depicts a mated Peacock and Peahen pair in a flowering cherry blossom tree, in springtime. The colors and gradation are exceptional. This very scarce postcard-sized print was produced in the early 1930s by Watanabe Publisher's. Small format prints were very portable and quite popular with tourists. This print bears Koson's 'Shoson' seal in red. The print measures 5.5" x 3.5" under its archival ivory mat, and the wood frame measures 11" x 9.25".   It is in original condition, with great color and translucency. Koson is well-known for the exquisite details in his nature prints, said to have produced more than 450 bird woodblocks, and this very scarce block is exceptional.                            P33110                $295.00

Ohara Koson (Shoson) (1877-1945) 'Peacock and Peahen in Flowering Cherry Blossom

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