'Deer and Pine Tree in Moonlight'
This beautiful woodblock print depicts two deer, a mated pair in a forest setting on a moonlit night, which is beautifully rendered. It is a sketch-like scene with pine trees overhead, and a full moon peeking in over the early twilight sky as evening turns to night. The color and gradation are wonderful. This large pillar size print was produced c1900-1910, a first edition. This print bears Koson's 'Koson' seal in red. It was published by Daikokuya. The print measures 13.5" x 7.5", and the wood frame measures 19" x 12". It is in excellent condition, with very good color and translucency. Koson is well-known for the exquisite details in his nature prints, said to have produced more than 450 bird and nature woodblocks, and this one is exceptional.
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Ohara Koson (Shoson) (1877-1945) 'Deer and Pine Tree in Moonlight'


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