'Basket of Flowers: Peony, Magnolia & Assorted Blossoms'

This stunning woodblock print depicts a colorful basket of flowers, including peony, magnolia and other various blossoms.  Best of all, it is on a deep navy ground, which adds to its mystique. The color and gradation are wonderful, capturing the essence of the peony blossom beautifully.  This print was produced in 1932.  It was published by Watanabe Shozuboro, and it is floated on a simple ivory mat. This print bears Koson's (Shoson's) seal and signature in the lower right corner.  The print measures 13.75" x 9.5", and the basic black wood frame measures 17" x 13".   It is in superb condition.       P3997   $595.00

Ohara Koson (Shoson) (1877-1945) 'Basket of Flowers: Peony, Magnolia & Assorted