'Sarusawa Pond'
This very handsome woodblock depicts Sarusawa Pond in Nara on a rainy day. It is colored in rich colors, including lush mossy greens over the pines. There is fine embossing in the clouds and the print has a sort of ethereal look, very peaceful and calm. The artist and title seals for Nisaburo are noted in the lower left of the print, along with the mark of the publisher, Uchida. It bears Nisaburo Ito's watermark in the lower left margin. It dates to c1960. This original lifetime woodblock print, which is dai-oban in size, is in superb condition. The sight size of the print is 17" x 11.5", and its Japanese frame measures 19.5" x 14". P70318 $295.00

Nisaburo Ito (1910-1988) 'Sarusawa Pond'


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