Kabuki Actors from 'The Flower of Edo' published in the Album of Thirty-Two Triptychs of Polychrome Woodblock Prints by Various Artists1883–86

Shipping for this triptych will be based upon your zip code because of its size, it will not ship at our flat rate. Please ask if questions. This triptych by Kunichika depicts a scene from the Kabuki play 'The Flower of Edo'. It is beautifully matted and framed, showing each of the three prints as a contiguous scene, laden with flowers and symbolism. The wooden silvertone frame, which has a subtle repetitive floral motif, measures 19.5" x 34", and the sight size of each of the three images measure 13.5" x 9.25", each separated by the silver mat. The colors remain very vibrant and supple. There are copious seals and cartouches in the images identifying each actors name, a title box and Kunichika's ciphers. This triptych dates to 1884.   P9581     $295.00


According to online sources, this triptych was published in an album of thirty-two triptychs by Kunichika and his contemporaries. It is Triptych 16: Kunichika Toyohara. Japanese, 1835–1900; Actors Ichikawa Sadanji I as Shirosake Uri, Nakamura Fukusuke as Shiratama, Nakamura Shikan IV as Hige no Ikyu, Ichikawa Danjūrō IX as Sukeroku, Suketakaya Takasuke IV as Agemaki, and Bandō Kakitsu as Fukuyama in The Flower of Edo.

The phrase 'Flowers of Edo' described the finest features of everyday life, as experienced in the various districts of Japan’s capital during the mid-nineteenth century. Included within the scope of the work were examples of outdoor beauty, inspirational examples of ancient accomplishment and creative excellence. The prints show images of famous kabuki actors, natural landscapes and celebrated Japanese myths and legends. The prints also present classical songs and poetry, advertisements for popular commercial products of the day and historical accounts that are associated with each of the locations being examined. The series illustrates perhaps better than any other, the diversity, complexity and connectedness of Edo culture.

Kunichika, Toyohara (1835-1900) Kabuki Actors from 'The Flower of Edo'