'Deer in Nara; Hind and Fawn' or Shika No Oyako

This lovely woodblock print depicts a female deer (hind) with her fawn in the foreground against a silhouetted backdrop of the Yasaka Temple grounds, a very sweet image. This print has rich and vibrant colors. It was produced in 1951, likely a first edition given its Kyoto Hanga-in ink stamp in the lower right margin. This print is signed in Japanese and English by Koyo, along with its extensive publisher boxes by Publisher Kyoto Hanga-in, Printer 'Ohno' seal, and Carver 'Matsuda'. It is in original condition. The print measures 15" x 10.5", matted in ivory and framed in a simple black frame measuring 18" x 14".       P71319                      $295.00

Koyo Omura (1891 - 1983) 'Deer in Nara; Hind and Fawn' or Shika No Oyako


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