'Yasaka Pagoda in Spring'

This lovely woodblock print depicts Yasaka Pagoda in the Gion District of Kyoto in springtime. It is a beautiful image set against a gorgeous skyline. This is a limited edition print by Konishi, noted as number 110/200 in Konishi's hand. This print dates to c1959 in the mid-century period. It is well-signed by Konishi in the block, along with his red seal. There are copious ciphers in the left margin, which identifies the image title, along with Konishi's seals and ciphers. Konishi was born in Kyoto and is an artist who favored the sosaku hanga 'creative print' movement. His prints are all self-carved and self-printed. Subjects are mostly scenes and views of famous places of Kyoto. This print is large measuring about 15" x 11". It is matted in ivory and framed in a simple black frame measuring 18" by 14". It is in original condition, with awesome color.      P58113        $295.00 

Konishi, Seiichiro (1919- Present) 'Yasaka Pagoda in Spring'


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