'Maiko Walking in the Rain', #1611 from the Series 'Japanese Scenes on Tanzaku'

This lovely woodblock print depicts a young Maiko walking in the rain under the protection of her umbrella. Japanese Scenes on 'Tanzaku' included a series of pillar prints, or tanzaku, a format that created challenges for the artist and their compositions. Vertical, narrow prints are a by-product of traditional Japanese architecture, which offered very few solid wall surfaces. Many times, the only solid surface available for the hanging of pictures, were the structural posts which held up the roof. Pillar prints became a genre unto themselves. This series was created by Yoshimoto Gesso and Shoda Koho in the Hasegawa-Nishinomiya catalog and comprised of 8 sets of 12 prints (total of 96 images). Koho worked in the traditional Ukiyo-e style of old Japan and he captured it beautifully. This print bears Koho's seals. This print is without margins, which is how they were produced. It is in wonderful original condition. The sight size measures about 13" x 3", and it is handsomely matted and framed in a simple black frame measuring 18" x 7.5".               P55218             $295.00

Koho Shoda (1871-1946) 'Maiko Walking in the Rain', #1611 from the Series 'Japan


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