This woodblock print depicts 'Maiko'. A maiko is the term for an apprentice geisha typically used in Kyoto and Western Japan. The maiko's job in traditional Japan was to entertain guests by serving tea, singing, dancing and playing the shamisen, which is a traditional 3 stringed musical instrument. It is a large print in dai-oban size, a very desirable format among collectors. Saito employed a very edgy, modernistic and contemporary approach in his art (Bio attached). In this print, a Showa era sōsaku hanga woodblock print, he depicts 'Maiko' in traditional dress with a strong mid-century modern style while keeping grounded in a firm Japanese aesthetic. 'Maiko' is a traditionally popular subject among woodblock artists from ukiyo-e times to the present, and Saito favored her style in the 1960s era and he presented her in many styles and formats. This print is treated with mica on her collar, adding a bit of elegance to her presentation, and her position adds some mystery for the viewer. This print bears Saito's signature and red cipher in the block.  This print is in fine condition and it is archivally-matted and backed in acid-free mats. The print itself measures 17" x 11", matted in black, and is framed in a simple black frame measuring 20" x 14.5".  Extensive Bio attached.          P75816                        $595.00

Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997) 'Maiko'


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