'Two Geisha and Porter in Wind and Rain at Night'

This lively Utamaro print depicts two beauties and their porter caught in a rainstorm at night.  They are each running with an umbrella, with sheets of rain pelting down upon them in this night scene, which is cast in gray tones, with beautiful colors in the figures.  This print was originally published c1801.  This later edition dates to c1920.  It measures 9.75" x 14.5", and is matted in a vintage wood veneer mat, in an old frame measuring 16" x 20".  Utamaro was considered the prominent ukiyo-e artist of the late 18th century.  His early work focused on actor portraits and theater programs. He gained immense fame for his portraits of idealized females, and in his beautiful women series, akin to this print.  P0052    $145.00

Kitagawa Utamaro (1750-1806) 'Two Geisha and Porter in Wind and Rain at Night'