'Hinazuru and Hinamatsu of the Chôjiya'

Series 'Courtesans of the Pleasure Quarters in Double Mirrors'

This very nice litho print depicts the Courtesans 'Hinazuru and Hinamatsu', which represents the art of Utamaro, whose talent at painting 'Beauties' was unmatched in his lifetime.  This print is presented with a beautifully matted and framed postage stamp from a series of stamps issued in Japan in 1982 of Utamaro's Beauties.  The print measures 5.75" x 4", the stamp is standard issue, and the gold tone bamboo frame measures 12.5" x 9.5".   It is in fine condition.     P4036    $65.00

Kitagawa Utamaro (1750-1806) 'Hinazuru and Hinamatsu of the Chôjiya'

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