'Luster of Sword' From the series 'One Hundred Chrysanthemums' 1893

This beautiful design from Keika Hasegawa's series 'One Hundred Chrysanthemums' was published in 1893. It has lush colors and even after more than 100 years, it is vibrant and pleasing to the eye.  Each of the 100 images was published in book form by Tanaka Jibei and Yamada Naosaburo of Kyoto.  It is printed on tissue-thin Japanese paper and it bears Keika's seal, a character that means 'to bond with flowers'.  There are tiny pinholes from its original placement in the bound volume when published, which are hidden under the mat.  The print measures 12" x 8", and the frame measures 15" x 12". It is matted in a black mat, and a simple black frame. It is in good condition with mild toning.  Throughout Japan, the kiku or chrysanthemum is honored as a beautiful symbol of longevity and perfection, and is the official crest of the emperor. These lyrical illustrations capture the individual character of the many different varieties with sensitivity and grace, combining elegant and expressive lines with color ranging from delicate to vibrant.    P8664     $145.00

Keika Hasegawa (active 1892-1905) 'Luster of Sword' One Hundred Crysanthemums

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