This original woodblock print depicts a moat and stone wall, with thunderhead Black Pines dotting the landscape.  We do not know the formal title of this print.  Yoshio's work dates to pre-earthquake, that is the 'Great Kanto' earthquake of 1923.  This print is akin to Yoshio's print titled 'Hanzomon in Autumn', which dates to 1922.  We believe this is a different view of the moat and great wall that surrounds Edo Castle, likely produced in 1922.  Because Yoshio's works of this genre were produced pre-earthquake, they are considered scarce, if not quite rare.  His studio was destroyed in the earthquake.  Hanzomon Gate is located on the western edge of Edo Castle (the current Emperor’s Palace).  The gate’s name comes from Hattori Hanzo Masanari and his son of the same name, a father and son who headed security at the castle centuries ago. It is said to have been the gate that the Shogun escaped from in times of emergency.  The moat is considered a work of art for its architecture, and was painted by many Japanese artists in the 19th and 20th centuries. The print sight measures 14.25" x 9", and the frame measures 20.5" x 15". This original lifetime edition woodblock print is in fine, fine condition.  P75419

Kawatsura Yoshio (1880-1963) Also known as Negoro Raizan 'Hanzomon Moat'


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