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'Pine Beach at Miho'

This beautiful twilight scene depicts a view of Mt. Fuji from Pine Beach in Miho in Suruga Province. It is a warm and serene image, with a boat on the shore bathed in blue hues, exhibiting rich color and fine bokashi shading throughout. This print was produced c1930 by Watanabe Publishers. Hasui produced a number of excellent images for the tourist trade, one more handsome than the next. This edition is authenticated by Watanabe's seal in the lower left of the print. The print, matted on ivory and black, has a sight size of 6" x 4", and the simple black frame measures 13" x 9".  This very scarce print is in excellent original condition.      

P054F       $325.00

Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) 'Pine Beach at Miho'

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