'Kanetsuki Hall Bell Tower, Okayama'

This handsome print depicts the bell tower at Okayama on a rainy day.  There is a woman walking under an umbrella.  This is a gorgeous woodblock print, with remarkable reflection on the wet walkway, masterfully executed.  It was first published in 1947.  This woodblock is marked with the Watanabe 6mm seal in the lower right corner, so it was published between 1947-1957, in Hasui's lifetime.  It bears Hasui's cipher in the lower left.   The print measures 15" x 10.25", and the frame measures 18" x 12". It is matted in a simple black mat and frame. It is in wonderful original condition.      P90031   $795.00


$OLD! Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) 'Kanetsuki Hall Bell Tower, Okayama'