'Evening at Itako, Shobisha'

This lovely woodblock print depicts a moonlit scene with a fisherman or ferryman toiling at the close of the day.  This 'blue series' evening print is true blue, with a gray/blue cast over the moon, a wonderful use of color, somewhat subdued, but exquisite in its presentation.  This print was first introduced in 1930.  The later edition dates to the later 1930s, perhaps early 1940s, well within the lifetime of Hasui.  It possesses the calm experienced when viewing many of Hasui's moonlight presentations, very calming and peaceful.  It bears Hasui's cipher, along with its title and date, and the publishers cipher.  The print measures 16" x 11.5", and the frame measures 21" x 16".  This print has a professional mend on the verso, which presents very handsomely.   P60037

Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) 'Evening at Itako, Shobisha'

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