"Girl Holding a Fan'

This charming woodblock print depicts a young girl holding a fan. Kawano mostly focused his art work on the subject of children and animals, and this print is a perfect example. He had a very modern and contemporary approach to his art, utilizing the wood grain in his blocks to accent his imagery, and he did it well as evidenced by the full use of the wood grain in this image, with splashes of color accenting the grain. This print bears Kawano's red seal in the block. It measures 16.75" x 11.25", a dai-oban sized print, which is a nice large example. It is matted in black and framed in a very complementary wood grain frame that matches Kawano's art as if he chose the frame himself. This woodblock print is in fine original condition.     P70611       $395.00

I apologize for the glare in some of the photos, which is difficult to eliminate, and is simply light reflecting off the glass.

Kawano Kaoru (1916-1965) "Girl Holding a Fan'


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