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'Tiger with Its Head in a Bag' Series; Hokusai Manga, Volume 12
The Hokusai Manga - Hokusai first conceived of his "Manga" series in 1812 on a trip to the Nagoya area. Hokusai chose the title "Manga," meaning "random sketches," to encompass his wide-ranging choice of subjects, which included people, mythology, landscapes, architecture, birds, animals, flowers and plants, ghosts, and deities. Most designs include multiple small images on each page. The complete set of Manga books was released in a total of 15 volumes over 64 years, with some volumes published posthumously by his daughter, who devoted her life to her father's legacy. These lively Manga drawings express Hokusai's wonderful ability to capture human gestures and personalities, often with comic overtones, and create memorable landscapes and nature scenes. This Manga print from Book Volume 12, is a later edition, with a soft peach color added to the black and white design and dates to c1860. This woodblock is handsomely matted in a complementary mat and frame accenting the artwork beautifully. The woodblock pages measure 7" x 5" each, and the frame measures 14" x 11.5". It is in excellent original condition, particularly given its age. This woodblock is professionally matted and framed in acid-free environs.                PG7                 $395.00

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) 'Tiger with Its Head in a Bag'

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