This handsome group woodblock print set depicts several 'manga' works by Hokusai, whose manga works depict ordinary people in everyday events in the days of Edo. The upper prints comprise a well-known diptych from Hokusai's Manga; Volume 1 from the Life and Manners of the Day, said to be Hokusai's comic depiction of wind and its effects. The man in the lower frame is 'Shoki' the demon-slayer, and is from the manga series 'The Generals'. The manga depicting a group of sumo wrestlers in the next frame, presents 'Backstage, Tying a Wrestler's Sash' in the upper part of the print, with 'Stamping Feet' and 'Defensive Posture' below, all very serious positions to a sumo wrestler's craft. These manga prints were first introduced c1817 or so.  This later edition set likely dates to c1950s during the booming tourist trade. The prints measure about 7" x 4", and are matted in an ivory mat.  The simple black wood frame measures 19" x 15".  This set is in very fine condition.   P9451     $195.00

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) 'Hokusai Manga: The Life and Manners of the Day'

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