'Bijin with Mirror' or 'Hair-Dressing'

This lovely woodblock print depicts a tall Geisha or Courtesan styling her hair, using a mirror.  Her Kimono robe is beautiful.  This print is nicely executed, with soft and pleasing color tones.  It bears Hokusai's signature and seal.  This beautifully matted and bamboo-framed print presents handsomely.  Hokusai originally produced this 'Bijin' or 'Beauty' print c1830.  This is a later edition produced for the tourist trade c1930.  This print measures 7" x 5" and is matted in a pale celery linen mat board. The frame measures 9.75" x 8", in a wooden bamboo style.     P6513     $65.00

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) 'Bijin with Mirror' or 'Hair-Dressing'


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