'The Great Lantern at Kannon Temple, Asakusa'

This print depicts the famous giant lantern at Kannon Temple.  Also known as Senso Temple, in Tokyo’s Asakusa district, it figures prominently in the traditional annual calendar of events and festivals, especially during the temple visits at the New Year which attract large crowds. This print is characteristic of Shiro’s early period. It is representative of the works released by the Watanabe publishing house, as seen in the similar styles of Shiro’s contemporaries, Kawase Hasui (1853-1957); Tsuchiya Koitsu (1870-1949); and others.  Shiro's cipher and the Watanabe Publisher 6mm seal are noted on the print. This print, which was first produced in 1934, is a later edition from the early 1940s. The print measures 14.5" x 10", and the frame measures 19" x 13". It is matted in a simple black mat and frame. It is in wonderful original condition, with fabulous color.   (In Japanese Buddhism, the Manji is an ancient and important spiritual symbol.  It pre-dates the Nazi use of the Swastika symbol by centuries.  The Manji represents the harmonious interplay of the many opposites in life – – heaven and earth, day and night, etc.  Native Americans believe it symbolizes luck.)    P45729    $795.00

Kasamatsu Shiro (1898-1991) 'The Great Lantern at Kannon Temple, Asakusa'