'Cherry Tree in Autumn Colors at Joshoko Temple, Kyoto'

This woodblock print depicts a rather serene image of a temple in an autumnal setting.  The cherry blossom tree's leaves have turned to bold and vibrant shades in the forefront.  This print was self-published by Shiro, produced in 1967.  It is from a numbered edition, print 65/300.  It was during this phase of Shiro's career that he began making 'creative prints' or 'Sosaku Hanga' prints by self-publishing his work, and essentially participating in every process of production 'in his own hand'.  The print bears Shiro's signature and seal, along with its title in Kanji script, and is dated 1967.  Shiro had a lengthy art career, and is considered one of the top ten shin hanga artists, with an immense body of work.  The print size is 15.75" x 10.5", and the frame measures 21" x 16".  It is in fine condition.       P30012     $395.00

Kasamatsu Shiro (1898-1991) 'Cherry Tree in Autumn Colors at Joshoko Temple'


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