'Boy and Girl, with Birds'

This delightful small woodblock print shows a girl and boy, each holding a bird.  It has a very modernistic presentation in monochrome colors.  Shuzo carefully employed the texture of wood in his prints, and specialized in stylized wide-eyed children with flowers, birds, insects, sacred stone images, and native dolls. A typical print subject of Shuzo Ikeda is children in a natural environment - surrounded by birds or flowers. The images of children are stylized in a way unique to the artist, but reminiscent of the work of Kiyoshi Saito in their use of the natural grain of the wood blocks carved to impress the print. This print measures 4" high by 6" across", and the frame measures 4.5" x 6.5", a simple wood gilt frame.  This miniature print is from a limited series, and is not sealed by the artist, but his work is well referenced.  It is in fine condition.             P573    $65

$OLD! Ikeda Shuzo (1922-2004) 'Boy and Girl, with Birds'