'Pastoral Winter Snow Scene with Women by a Temple Waterfall'

This original watercolor painting depicts several women toiling after a winter snow. They are on the riverbank busy at various tasks, paying little mind to the temple and large waterfall area behind them. The falls  are still fluid in spots, yet some have iced over. The artist draws you in to this winter scene which has a certain warmth to it. Hoe Won is a Korean Artist who resides in Japan and based upon online sources, he is still making art. He works primarily in watercolor and some oil. He is said to frame many of his artworks himself using special wood, and he completes his frames with a solid veneer backing, excellent quality. Little is known of Hoe Won's dates. This watercolor has been documented as a 1950s painting. It is beautifully framed, along with a metal hanger. The painting sight size to the ivory mat is 13" x 18.5", and the frame measures 18.5" x 25". This watercolor is signed by the artist 'Hoe Won' and it is in excellent original condition.  Shipping will be based upon your zip code because of its size.                                       P9345            $195.00

Hoe Won, Korean (Mid-Century c1950s-60s) 'Pastoral Winter Snow Scene with Women

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