'Floral Bouquet: Yellow Blossoms'

This original watercolor painting depicts a wonderful full floral bouquet of yellow blossoms in a clear glass vessel. Hoe Won utilizes a quick sketchy style to render this drawing in a colorful palette. He is a Korean artist who resides in Japan and based upon online sources, he is still making art. He works primarily in watercolor and some oil. He frames his artwork himself using special wood, and completes his frames with a solid veneer backing, excellent quality, like this one.  Little is known of Hoe Won's dates, but a best guess based upon other works, c1940s. This watercolor is beautifully framed, along with an Asian motif metal hanger. The painting sight size over the black mat measures 10" x 4", and the frame measures 12.5" x 6.5". This watercolor is signed by the artist. It is in excellent original condition.       P9512              $65.00

Hoe Won, Korean 'Floral Bouquet: Yellow Blossoms'


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