'Utagahama' 1st Edition, Jizuri Seal

This woodblock print was introduced in 1937.  This is a first edition, with a Jizuri seal, and a small Takamura store label on verso.  It is a classic example of Hiroshi Yoshida's mastery of the shin hanga movement.  This print depicts a wonderful pavilion scene, which looks like it is located in a public park.  Utagahama is on the east side of Lake Chūzenji, near Nikkō.  It is a stunning print, in typical Yoshida style.   It has Yoshida's Kanji cipher, along with its Kanji and English title and Yoshida's signature in pencil. Yoshida self-published in his lifetime, and his family continues to control the family's output of prints.   This print measures 10.25" x 15.5", and it is handsomely framed in a vintage Art Deco era wood frame measuring 14" x 20".  It is in good condition, with generalized toning and some mat burn from a previous framing.  P20046     $795

Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) 'Utagahama' 1st Edition, Jizuri Seal