'Mount Fuji as seen from Suzukawa'

This woodblock print depicts Mount Fuji in all her glory where Fuji is the central theme. This print is a classic example of Hiroshi Yoshida's mastery of the shin hanga movement and his ability to capture the essence of beauty. This print measures 15.75" long by 10.5" high, including the margins. The colors remain quite supple with some toning from a previous mat. This print was first published in 1935, dated Showa 10. This edition is sealed with Yoshida's Japanese cipher, along with the title of the print in Kanji script in the left margin, and as per Yoshida's standard the title and his name are noted in English in the lower margin in pencil. There is an old authentication certificate on the backside, citing its date as 1935, along with the title and Hiroshi Yoshida as the artist for the print, which I have left intact as it can be seen in the verso image. This edition dates to the early 1940s. It is beautifully framed in a simple black frame measuring 18.75" x 14.75".     P20826 $995.00

Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) 'Mount Fuji as seen from Suzukawa'