'Hayase' Series: Kansai District

This print depicts a canal or waterside scene at Hayase.  It is one of 12 scenes in the series of the Kansai District, which is located in the south of Honshu, Japan's main island.  In its center is the city of Kyoto.  This scene paints an image of a bridge over the river, houses on the canal bank, with people at a gathering, and cherry-blossoms in full bloom in foreground, a beautiful print.  This woodblock print was introduced in 1933.  This is a lifetime edition, circa mid-1940s.  It is a classic example of Hiroshi Yoshida's mastery of the shin hanga movement.  It is oban size, a nice large woodblock print, in a complementary frame.  The print size is 15.75" x 10.25", and the frame measures 19" x 13".  This is a stunning image, in typical Yoshida style.   It bears Yoshida's signature and his 'Hiroshi' seal, along with its Kanji and Roman title and signature in pencil. Yoshida self-published in his lifetime, and his family continues to control the family's output of prints.      P20039     $795.00

Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) 'Hayase' Series: Kansai District