'A Misty Day in Nikko'

This print depicts roadside Crytomeria trees, which dominate in the print.  It is at the entrance to Toshogu Shrine, which is by Cryptomeria Avenue.  This woodblock print was introduced in 1937.  This is a lifetime edition, c1940s.  It is a classic example of Hiroshi Yoshida's mastery of the shin hanga movement.  It is oban size, a nice large woodblock print, in a complementary frame.  The print sight size is 15.25" x 10.5", and the frame measures 21" x 15.5".  This is a beautiful print, in typical Yoshida style.   It has Yoshida's Kanji cipher, along with its Kanji and English title and Yoshida's signature in pencil. Yoshida self-published in his lifetime. There is generalized toning, and a water spot on the mat, well shown in the photos.       P45226    

$OLD! TY! Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) 'A Misty Day in Nikko'