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'O Tsuyu San' or 'Honorable Miss Morning Dew' d1900

This very early woodcut print by Helen Hyde entitled 'O Tsuyu San' or its English translation 'Honorable Miss Morning Dew', depicts an endearing theme of a young child-mother embracing her baby doll.  It has the classic charms of Helen Hyde prints in which the child takes center stage, a simple activity that warms the heart. This print is from a limited edition of 150, and bears Hyde's early seal and 'H' 'H' initials signature in the lower mid-section.  It dates to 1900, a nice early print. The child's left shoulder meets the right margin, which makes it appear that the child is hiding behind the mat, very sweet. This print's sight size measures 9" x 3.5", the wood frame measures 15" x 11.5".  This woodcut is in fine condition, with just generalized toning. 

P80032     $695.00

$OLD! TY! Helen Hyde (1868-1919), Lima, NY 'O Tsuyu San'

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