'Teasing the Daruma'

This woodcut print by Helen Hyde entitled 'Teasing the Daruma', depicts a playful scene with a baby teasing Daruma dolls with a switch.  Daruma dolls represent an Indian monk named Bodhidharma, who introduced Zen Buddhism to China.  The dolls are meant to bring good luck to their owners.  This lovely print has all the charms of Helen Hyde prints in which children take the center stage in a simple activity that warms the heart. This rarely seen print is numbered 20, in a limited edition, and bears Hyde's seals and signature in pencil, along with the date 1905.  The sight size of the print measures 7.75" x 10.75", and the vintage period frame measures 9" x 12".  It is in good original condition, with some fading of color.  Helen Hyde traveled to Europe and China, and in 1899, she arrived in Japan to begin training with master artist Tomonobu Kano.  Hyde's prints are highly prized by collectors and considered scarce, if not quite rare.   P80023     $695.00

Helen Hyde (1868-1919) American, Lima, NY 'Teasing the Daruma'


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