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'New Year's Day in Tokyo' d1914

This wonderful woodcut print by Helen Hyde entitled 'New Year's Day in Tokyo' depicts children playing shuttlecock on New Year’s Day. This is a classic festival print by Hyde whose love of children and Japanese customs speaks directly to the viewer.  The print is marked "Copyright 1914 by Helen Hyde" printed within the lower left hand border.  It is signed by Helen Hyde in her full signature in pencil, along with her four-leaf clover seal, and her initials 'HH', and the number 25.  The print's sight size is 9" high by 18" long.  The frame measures 15.75" high by 25.75" long.  This print is in original condition, with just mild toning. Helen Hyde traveled to Europe and China, and in 1899, she arrived in Japan to begin training with master artist Tomonobu Kano.  Hyde's prints, which were produced in the heart of the Arts & Crafts movement, are prized by collectors and considered scarce, if not quite rare.  Hyde's work was extensively exhibited, including solo shows.  She received many prestigious awards for her art.  SHIPPING will be based upon your zip code because of its size.  P80066     $1895.00

$OLD! TY! Helen Hyde (1868-1919) Lima, NY 'New Year's Day in Tokyo' d1914

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