This early woodcut print by Helen Hyde entitled 'Driving out the Devils' or 'Casting out Bad Luck', depicts a scene with a little boy holding a box in one hand, and casting out the devils with the other.  Hyde produced this print in 1904.  Soon after, she decided she did not like the word 'devils', so she quickly changed the name to 'Casting out Bad Luck' or 'Casting out the Oni', which translates to 'demon' or 'troll'.  This print bears Hyde's seals and signature in pencil.  Helen Hyde traveled to Europe and China, and in 1899, she arrived in Japan to begin training with master artist Tomonobu Kano.  Hyde's prints are highly prized by collectors and considered scarce, if not quite rare.  The print measures 6' x 4.75".  The frame, which is a specially-made asian-mofif frame, measures 8" x 6".  This print is in excellent cxondition.  P80523     $595.00

Helen Hyde (1868-1919) American, Lima, NY 'Driving out the Devils'

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