'Hazebune' or 'Goby Fishing Boats'

This handsome woodblock print depicts a large group of ships, which look like boats at a regatta. It is entitled 'Hazebune' of 'Goby Fishing Boats' by Okuyama. This woodblock is like many of Okuyama's prints, simple black and white, but with generous details and always active. His perspective is always creative and the scene is filled tip to toe. It is nicely matted in black and housed in a simple Japanese black wood frame, with a wood veneer back. It bears Okuyama's seal. This print dates to c1950. It measures 8.25" high by 4.25" wide.     

P3833              $145.00

Gihachiro Okuyama (1907-1981) 'Hazebune' or 'Goby Fishing Boats'


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